PHH Principal Investigator recognised with RISE award

Professor Sir David Payne, Principal Investigator for EPSRC Photonics Hyperhighway, is one of three academics from the University of Southampton to have been recognised by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) as inspirational scientists and engineers.

The RISE Renowned Fellows were chosen by an independent panel from nominees for the RISE awards who are Fellows of the Royal Society, the Royal Academy of Engineering, and the Academy of Medical Sciences. Sir David, Dame Wendy Hall and Sir Nigel Shadbolt will join 14 other RISE Renowned Fellows at a special dinner at the Cheltenham Science Festival, hosted by the incoming Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the EPSRC Professor Philip Nelson.

The EPSRC, in partnership with the Royal Academy of Engineering, launched the RISE campaign towards the end of last year to mark the 20th anniversary of the EPSRC. As well as the RISE Renowned Fellows they also announced 10 RISE Leaders for 2014. These RISE Leaders are recognised as innovators in engineering and physical sciences research who will help inspire and encourage others. They will be paired with individuals from government, business or media to communicate the importance and impact of their research, helping their partners become champions for science.

They will also nominate researchers who are ‘Rising Stars’ tipped to lead internationally excellent research in the future.

Chairman of the panel and current CEO of EPSRC Professor David Delpy said: “One of the best aspects of my job at EPSRC has been the chance to meet and speak directly to some of the most exciting, innovative and enthusiastic scientists and engineers in the UK. This campaign gives us the chance to recognise these outstanding individuals, but also to let others get to know them and the great research that they are doing.”

Philip Greenish, Chief Executive of the Royal Academy of Engineering, commented: “The RISE awards are a unique opportunity to recognise established and future research leaders in engineering and physical sciences. “RISE is part of the Engineering for Growth campaign which aims to bring engineering to the heart of society; celebrating the contribution of inspiring researchers to growth and innovation is a great way to help create a connection between engineering and daily life.”

Learn more about the EPSRC RISE Awards.