About us

The Transforming the Internet Infrastructure The Photonics Hyperhighway research programme combines the world leading expertise of the University of Southampton, Optoelectronics Research Centre and the High Performance Network Group, University of Essex, to pioneer the internet infrastructure of the future along with industry partners: BBC Research and Development, Fianium and Oclaro.

With the internet continuing to grow at a rapid rate and the more recent introductions of bandwidth hungry applications such as video-on-demand, online television players and online gaming, the threat of network gridlock is becoming a major concern.

This 7.2M EPSRC funded Programme is positioned to pioneer an energy-efficient, ultra-high capacity ICT infrastructure able to connect people and businesses seamlessly everywhere, removing the threat of network grid-lock.

The programme proposes a radical transformation of the physical infrastructure underpinning today's networks by developing devices capable of 1000-fold improvements in performance, starting with a critical re-examination of some of the most basic transmission building blocks - the optical fibres, amplification and regeneration, and nonlinear switching as well as system and network design.